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Garden of Bones

We're over a year old and still going strong. Morgath is seeking his revenge on Setharos -- where will you stand? We cater to new and old RPers alike, we don't discriminate and we're very welcoming. We have 5 playable races and plenty of plots to jump...

Category: Fantasy
Vaioa Weyr

Vaioa Weyr is a realistic Semi-Canon Pern RPG, set at the beginning of the 5th Pass. We have frequent site-wide events and room for players of all experience levels.

Category: Book Based

Category: Fandom
Crusaders Citadel

An original superhero verse with only original hero characters. We use a Narrator System to handle plots and NPCs, including villains. Characters work together in teams to handle missions during stories told over the course of Issues. In 1989, the...

Category: SciFi
Crypsis Supernaturalis

Crypsis Supernaturalis is set in London, England in October 1899. The dawning of the new century will bring an age of industry, technology and prosperity, but lurking in the darkness is something more -- something sinister, and older than Queen...

Category: Historical

Highcrest is a seemingly inviting and placid city where mutants and humans have coexisted for decades. With Silas Academy, a school for the gifted, just outside city limits, Highcrest is a hub for those with special abilities. But upon closer...

Category: Fantasy

Stormcrown is a recently opened 3/3/3 18+ Skyrim roleplay, focusing on the aftermath of the game. We offer both canon and custom lore-based factions and plots, and are currently seeking canon and original characters.

Category: Fandom
Forsilvra: Winds of Change

Five islands, five kingdoms, united under one king - in the wake of plague and the threat of invasion can they survive?

Category: Fantasy
The Shift RP

What if the Mayan predictions had been right? What if the ancient Black or "Dark" Sun really did align with earth and its young sun on December 21, 2012? What if earth, as we knew it, was changed….forever? The Shift RPG is a Modern Fantasy / Horror...

Category: Fantasy
Chaotic Origin

In a world you thought you knew, secrets remain hidden in the shrouds of time and destiny. Welcome, to Chaotic Origin... Picture it, modern day Seattle, while the rain pelts or falls in endless sheets soaking the city in her watery veil, the darkest...

Category: Fantasy
Rank Title Category Today Average Stats
#11 Stay Alive Book Based 0 0.8 Stats
#12 The Quickening Fandom 0 0 Stats
#13 Keep the Dream Alive SciFi 0 3.2 Stats
#14 The Hammel Institute Fantasy 0 2.8 Stats
#15 RETROGRADE SciFi 0 0 Stats