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When the Levee Breaks

The world of the metahumans and their allies has broken into numerous factions fighting with and against each other; mutants fighting for peace between everyone, or for supremacy over the humans; mutates using their powers to fight the forces of evil,...

Category: Fandom
Forever After

18+ Once Upon A Time... Isn't that how the stories start? There's always a lot in between. Darkness and light in a constant struggle of power. Good always wins though doesn't it? They may think so but a ruthless band of villains the Dark One long...

Category: Fandom
Just Another Chocolate Frog Card

JACFC is a no word count, intermediate-advanced AU post-Potter site that's been online for over eight years! We're friendly, laid-back, character-driven, and we have one goal: to provide creative freedom for skilled writers to explore Rowling's world!

Category: Harry Potter

Hogwarts-School.net is one of the oldest Harry Potter RPGs available today. We offer three magical schools, as well as careers paths after graduation at Hogsmeade, St. Mungo's, the Daily Prophet, and the Ministry of Magic. Interested? We've been...

Category: Harry Potter
Potter's Army

Potter's Army is a Harry potter RPG set in 2026, and it has a mixture of canon and original characters. Though most characters are witches and wizards, a variety of different species and powers are available for play. It is an all-ability board, with...

Category: Harry Potter
Vaioa Weyr

Vaioa Weyr is a realistic Semi-Canon Pern RPG, set at the beginning of the 5th Pass. We have frequent site-wide events and room for players of all experience levels.

Category: Book Based
S O U L S . O N . F I R E

Original [adult] Horror roleplay based on occult; Humans, Werewolves & Vampires. -- Intermediate to Advanced writing skill level; Easy app; No wordcounts.

Category: Fantasy
Corona Heights

California. Commonly known for the beach, the sun, and the surf. Maybe even Los Angeles and Hollywood comes to mind. Whatever you think of when you hear the name, you probably don't think of this place; our city. You may think Laguna Beach or Newport...

Category: Real Life

London's Fallen is an active zombie apocalypse site set in present day London. The undead roam the streets freely, and specialised undead have been unleashed upon the city and the survivors that bustle in the shadows. In the heart of London is a...

Category: SciFi
The Fidelius Charm

The year is 2014, Harry and that gang is all grown up! With families and lives that don't involved saving the world, things settled down for a time. Until recently. The Dark Mark has mysteriously been re-sighted and the rumors are circulating again....

Category: Harry Potter
Rank Title Category Today Average Stats
#11 Believe In Heroes Fandom 3 2.4 Stats
#12 Chaotic Origin Fantasy 2 2.3 Stats
#13 The Hammel Institute Fantasy 2 3.5 Stats
#14 Crypsis Supernaturalis Historical 2 3.8 Stats
#15 Magical Mayhem Harry Potter 2 2.2 Stats